Love wine? Learn about wine tasting and support a worthy charity all at once!

What is a Tutored Wine Tasting?

Becoming an expert wine taster takes many years of experience but becoming a competent taster is not that difficult. Half the battle is knowing what to look for in a wine of a particular varietal or style. Tutored tastings are held in a relaxed atmosphere with like-minded participants who want to learn and know more about wine thereby developing a comfort zone with wine knowledge and tasting ability.

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The tastings start promptly at 7:00 pm.
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Tastings Schedule
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Finding Pinots
Wednesday November 9th; 7:00 pm

The “Holy Grail” of wine makers worldwide. Pinot Noirs ancestral home is Burgundy, France but the varietal has migrated to many of the wine regions of the world. A difficult grape to grow, and a challenge for wine makers. Called the Cinderella grape, it does not like it too cold or too hot, and neither too wet or too dry. We taste a selection of Pinot Noirs from BC, France, New Zealand, California, and Oregon and discover the history of this ancient grape variety.

Wednesday December 14th; 7:00 pm

Merlot lends itself to the Bordelaise blend to soften the tannins of Cabernet Sauvignon and provide fruit and aromas to compliment Cabernet Franc. The wines produced are deep purple when young to deep red upon maturity, full bodied with blackberry flavours. We are tasting a variety of Merlots from different producers worldwide.

“Just in time for the Festive Season”

Dessert Style Wines
Wednesday December 21st; 7:00 pm

By definition a wine one might serve with a dessert or as a dessert in itself. Dessert style wines are the result of natural grape sugars developed in the vineyard after regular harvest. This tasting will focus on late harvest style wines, icewine, port, and how they are produced.

Sipping the Stars
Wednesday December 28th; 7:00 pm

Bubbles in wine were known to vintners long before they could reliably capture and preserve this phenomenon in the bottle. As a natural by-product of the fermentation process, carbon dioxide is released in the liquid to provide ‘sparkle’. This tasting will explore the production of champagne and sparkling wines while we taste a variety of styles from a variety of producers. Perfect for your New Year’s party planning.

Viognier – The Rhone Ranger
Wednesday January 11th; 7:00 pm

The main attraction is its potentially powerful, rich, and complex aromas that often seem like overripe apricots mixed with orange blossoms or acacia. With as distinctive a sweet aroma profile as Gewurztraminer, viognier is never the less usually made in a dry style with a slight hint of spice. Viognier grows well in the Okanagan but we will also taste selections from other world producers.

Wines Without Borders
Wednesday February 8th; 7:00 pm

This tasting explores unique and historical grape varieties now being grown and produced in the Okanagan Valley. Temperanillo, Viognier, Sangiovese, Grunner Veltliner, and Chenin Blanc, just to name a few. Learn the history and origins of these grape varietals and others that are fast becoming popular mainstays in the Okanagan wine scene.

Sauvignon Blanc – Are you Savvy?
Wednesday March 8th; 7:00 pm

Sauvignon Blanc is usually quite distinctive and has been one of the easier varietal grapes to recognize by its often sharp, aggressive smell. The varietal identity of Sauvignon Blanc is typically similar to grass, bell pepper, or grapefruit in nature. New Zealanders liken it to “gooseberry”, but that is not a familiar smell or taste to most North Americans. We taste a variety of Sauvignon Blanc from the various wine regions of the world, including the Okanagan.