Ring in Spring with a cocktail party that highlights the revival of flavours available through the season. Throwing a casual cocktail party provides an opportunity to break from routines and lose old man Winter and elicit fun – that goes for the host or hostess as well! Urban Liquor recommends going beyond the constraints of the bar and preparing batch drinks that can be prepared in advance allowing you to spring forward into your hospitable duties – making sure YOU and your GUESTS celebrate being one step closer to summer, Okanagan style.

Okay, repeat after us, you are the host and hostess, NOT the bartender. So put your cocktail shakers, bar spoons, and muddlers down and let’s get serious about some preparation that will not take you away from celebrating Spring! Begin by ensuring you have your base liquors stocked including: vodka, gin, light rum, brandy, and whiskey such as bourbon. For the cocktail enthusiast considering adding to your collection of modifiers including: dry and sweet vermouth’s, bitters (Regan’s orange is vibrant and wonderful for all seasons), as well as liqueurs like Triple Sec, Curacao, and Campari. Focusing on refreshing flavours that have been void from our Winter palate prompts some die hard classics to come to mind, refreshing Moscow Mules and Sangria with season fruit to name only a few! Perhaps you feel like preparing large batch libations makes for a lazy host. Don’t worry! You can always go the extra mile with batch drinks by upping the complexity notch, try substituting ginger beer in Moscow Mules for home made Ginger ale? White Sangria can be enhanced with citrus notes, floral undertones with St. Germain, and becomes effervescent with soda, making this drink Spring sipping perfection. Pair this sweet palate cleanser with grilled exotic fruit vibrate with seasonal colors. But what about new favourites your guests haven’t experienced yet? Urban Liquor has done the research for you and has found these outstanding tributes to April showers and May flowers:

Batch Drinks

  • Rhubarb Fizz bursting with tart flavour in sparkling wine or champagne
  • Water Lilly floral undertones of violets are showcased with creme de violette
  • Strawberry Basil Margarita relying on tequila for the burn, and berries for the sweet
  • Green Tea Mojito taking this refreshing gin cocktail to a whole new level

But if showcasing your bar flare is your thing, we get that (and appreciate that). Beyond providing batch beverages for your guests to easily access why not offer a signature drink that can be prepared confidently and efficiently utilize some of your favourite Spring ingredients? We suggest taking a classic and offering DIY Mixers with fruit syrups as well as herb and spice mixes.

Signature Drinks

Offering fuss free fare a la grilled fruit and simple appetizers served on crostini, brioche, and other rustic breads. Urban Liquor suggests being seasonally on trend with appetizers showcasing how opposites can attract. Offer at minimum four appetizer options with big flavour that can accompany the cocktails you have chosen. We suggest staggering the options to create a ‘buzz’ as each new mini course is introduced. See the list below for our personal favourites:

So grab your Spring Fling and stop into Urban Liquor to begin hosting your seasonal festivities today!